Building 4 words … that can‘t be so difficult! The goal of WordPuzzle is to build the four given words. 36 letters have room on the game square. One space is free in order to move the letters around as needed. Because the letters are randomly ordered in the square they have to be moved until the four words are visible. You can move the letters by pulling them into the empty space or by tapping them. Typically you have to take an already existing word apart to move a needed letter to another place.

WordPuzzle auf Englisch

WordPuzzle is Kira‘s, Michael‘s, Yuki‘s, Nao‘s and Taku‘s baby.

We all love to play with words and at the end to build whole sentences. With WordPuzzle we have created an app for Android (and soon iOS) which we are very proud of. And now, go play it yourself!

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