• Wordpuzzle iOS version reaches 1000 downloads – in just a few days

    In just a few days, Wordpuzzle iPhone version has reached 1,000 downloads – that’s twice as fast as its Android sister. And those downloads were generated without marketing! What’s the reason for the better performance of Wordpuzzle’s iOS version? For the moment, we assume that changes within the app itself make Wordpuzzle more fun and [...]

  • WordPuzzle for iOS ready for download in the App Store!

    Yay! Here it is – the WordPuzzle iOS app is ready for download in the App Store. After 7 days of the Apple approval team’s heavy testing and gaming they decided o give it a go! What we don’t know, yet: did the Apple guys master all levels of the Pro Challenge? The iPhone version [...]

  • WordPuzzle iOS version ready to submit to App Store!

    Finally! Tomorrow we’ll submit the iOS version of WordPuzzle to App Store. The Apple review team needs  5 week days to approve the app (hopefully . That means: next week WordPuzzle for iPhone will go live! Stay tuned! WordPuzzle’s iOS version is somewhat different from the Android version. We’ll demonstrate all new aspects in our [...]

  • Deck the Halls: WordPuzzle Holiday Edition is ready for download!

    Shortly before the holidays Santa’s little helpers are bringing you the WordPuzzle Holiday edition with 15 xmass-y new levels! These days we hear Christmas carols being played and sung everywhere and the atmosphere is warming up for the festivities ahead. Anybody who has difficulties to remember the 3. verse of “Silent Night” can train his [...]

  • WordPuzzle Nutzungszahlen

    Liebe WordPuzzler und App Junkies, nachdem wir mittlerweile rund 4.500 Downloads verzeichnen und sich eine aktive Schar der Wortpuzzle-Spieler am Knacken der Pro Version versucht,  wollen wir Euch heute mit ein paar Zahlen zu WordPuzzle versorgen. Alle genannten Daten beziehen sich auf die WordPuzzle Free Android Version. WordPuzzle Spieler Home Bases Durchschnittswerte Durchschnittliche Besuchsdauer: 1,29 [...]

  • WordPuzzle Twitter Poll

    In the very first days, WordPuzzle is getting very positive user feedback – most brain puzzlers rate us with 5 stars in Google Play. Some users express some kind of exhaustion after having played WordPuzzle for more than 15 minutes or so. And we would like to ask you whether you think WordPuzzle is pretty easy, [...]

  • WordPuzzle – Launch of English version in Google Play

    Yay! We’ve done it! Today we’ve launched the English version of WordPuzzle in Google Play! WordPuzzle comes as a Free Version with 15 levels and as a Pro Version with 36 more heavyweight levels. Being a word-based puzzle game different language versions mean essentially two different apps – since you don’t just localize the app [...]

  • Making of WordPuzzle App

    Just in time for the launch of WordPuzzle, the developers of the brain-game app offer insight into the Android version‘s process of development. Taku and Nao – two Austrian app-cracks with Japanese roots – in an interview: Q: Taku, Nao: you call your puzzle „The suspenseful brain puzzler for in between“ – a hint that [...]

  • Word Puzzle Experiment – how does wording influence our thinking?

    There is obviously a very big difference in the perception and use of words as thinking tools: if the subjects of an experiment use both past tense forms: „I solved my word puzzle“ and „I have solved my word puzzle,“  there is evidence for a significant difference in how the experiment is rated.   + [...]

  • How WortPuzzle brain-games enhance memory

    Regular training does not only help the body … even the gray cells can be legally doped: with brain-games which improve memory. Not only neurologists and health insurance companies recommend memory training in order to limit memory loss in the aged, but also to put the brakes on cognitive decline that comes with the aging process. Everyone wants [...]

  • Violence-games or brain puzzlers: What trains the mind better?

    We want to know: do brain-games have the assumed (via many studies) positive effect on thinking and memory abilities or are they topped by violence-games like Ego Shooter which also shows positive study results? + + + Get WordPuzzleFree and WordPuzzle in Google Play + + + + + + UPDATE: WordPuzzle for Android is here! + + + Ego-Shooters are [...]

  • Sleeping is the best brain-sport

    From the series, „Study results that change your life“… the following piece caught our attention: „Sleep trains the brain better than brain-sport.“ + + + Get WordPuzzleFree and WordPuzzle in Google Play + + + + + + UPDATE: WordPuzzle for Android is here! + + + The omnipresent Dr. Kawashima who introduced the concept of brain-jogging, has been disproven in [...]