Welcome to the FAQ of WordPuzzle! You probably landed here through Google Play or through the iTunes App Store because you have a question about the brain puzzler WordPuzzle. We have noted the most common questions about WordPuzzle and answered them. Should you be unable to find your question or answer here then just send us a comment below. We‘ll help you by answering your question and should it be interesting for other WordPuzzle players, include it in our FAQ.

Q: What is WordPuzzle?

A: WordPuzzle is a brain puzzler app. WordPuzzle is currently available for Android Smartpones: a free version  – „WordPuzzleFree“ features 15 levels, the full version „WordPuzzle“ features 36 levels for € 0,79.

Q: What does WordPuzzle cost?

A: „WordPuzzleFree“ is the free version with 15 levels. Real brain puzzler fans who get hooked on the game can buy the „WordPuzzle“ full version which costs only € 0,79.

Q: What is the difference between WordPuzzle and WordPuzzleFree?

A: WordPuzzleFree is the free version featuring 15 levels. In WorldPuzzleFree, advertising will appear in an area of the screen which doesn‘t disturb visually while playing. The ads are necessary to finance the development costs of the game. When you have played all 15 levels and want more, you can buy the full version – WordPuzzle – which is free of advertising and costs € 0,79, offering 36 more demanding levels.

Q: How many levels does WordPuzzle have?

A: WordPuzzleFree features 15 levels with 4 words per level to be solved. If you want to, you can buy the advanced version with 36 levels.

Q: How do I play WordPuzzle?

A: The goal of WordPuzzle is to build the four words shown – the order of the letters can be backwards (ie. instead of „ice“, „eci“ might be right), or can also be from up down, or from down up. Within a word-square, 6 x 6 (36 letters) have room. One space is empty, allowing the player to move the letters around. Because the letters are in random order within the square you have to move them around until the four respective words are visable. You can move the letters by pulling them into the desired field or you can tap on them. It‘s typical that you have to take words apart that you have already built in order to move a letter to another place where it is needed.

Q: What do the flowers mean?

A: In order to reach the next level, all four words have to be completed once. You can take one word apart in order to build a new one. What is important is that at the end of a level all four words have been put together. When you have done this and all four words are visible and complete, you get more flowers: per level you get as many flowers as words visible in the end.

Q: Can I play WordPuzzle against time?

A: In the current WordPuzzle version the time shown in each level is the time you play the level. You can play against your own best time and always improve your skill. In one of the next versions you‘ll also get to play against other WordPuzzle players and measure yourself against them.

Q: What does the number next to the time mean?

A: It is the number of moves  you have already made.

Q: Has anyone ever made it through all levels of WordPuzzle?

A: No one has gotten through all 36 levels yet. You could be the first!

Q: Who are the creators of WordPuzzle?

A: WordPuzzle was conceived of and developed by Taku and Nao. The graphic design was done by AppAdvisors. The project itself has been funded by AppInvest.

AppInvest invests in apps and app-based projects and in addition supports the founding teams with know-how.


Here you can download WordPuzzleFree and WordPuzzle:

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Download WordPuzzle full version at Google Play

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