How WortPuzzle brain-games enhance memory

Regular training does not only help the body … even the gray cells can be legally doped: with brain-games which improve memory. Not only neurologists and health insurance companies recommend memory training in order to limit memory loss in the aged, but also to put the brakes on cognitive decline that comes with the aging process. Everyone wants to remain mentally fit as they grow older.


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Sudoko; Sugaki and word puzzle games like WordPuzzle train memory and vocabulary mobilization skills. Another article with results of diverse experiments concerning the relationship between puzzle solving and mental skills you can read here.
Fans of Mnemotechnics know how simple it is to remember events from way back using a  few tricks. The basis for this technique is imagining a certain order, a grid-pattern which creates a structure which the mind can latch onto easily in order to bring order and consistency to dynamic objects in reality. This kind of grid – in its pure form – is the word square. By building given concepts from letters and numbers in diverse, random order – ie. from left to right,  up  – down, etc. –   combination skills and memory ability (with definite concepts) are schooled.
The more often WordPuzzle is played, the easier it becomes. According to the theory of forgetting, new, interesting impressions replace old storage – which makes it all the more difficult to restore older, original information. Through practice, present impressions are refreshed and can be accessed quicker. At any rate, we love playing WordPuzzle and competing with friends, our kids and parents!

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