Violence-games or brain puzzlers: What trains the mind better?

We want to know: do brain-games have the assumed (via many studies) positive effect on thinking and memory abilities or are they topped by violence-games like Ego Shooter which also shows positive study results?

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Ego-Shooters are supposed to train reflexes and flexible thinking skills which is why the games have been used for training soldiers for combat for years. We are sceptical  about any analysis on this subject and believe nothing that we haven’t manipulated ourselves. This is why we want to build a task force and make our own pseudo-scientific study: we are looking for 6 volunteers who are willing to play WordPuzzle and Ego-Shooters for 24 hours. In two groups with 3 volunteers each. Both groups’ thinking and memory skills will be tested both before and after the „PlayDay.“ This study will be totally unscientific and therefore be just as valid as all other studies.

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