WordPuzzle for iOS ready for download in the App Store!

Yay! Here it is – the WordPuzzle iOS app is ready for download in the App Store. After 7 days of the Apple approval team’s heavy testing and gaming they decided o give it a go! What we don’t know, yet: did the Apple guys master all levels of the Pro Challenge?

WordPuzzle iOS
The iPhone version is somewhat different to the known Android app in Google Play:

  • Free  Fields: Fields which aren’t needed for letters appera a s free fields (without “x”). The effect: the usability has been improved enormously
  • Pro Challenge: The WordPuzzle Pro Version – aka Pro Challenge – will be offered as In-App purchase (and not a s a standalone app)
  • Fun Facts: Additionally to the Pro Challenge, there is a Fun Fact series with 36 levels

WordPuzzle Pro Challenge
Now – it’s your turn: Please download WordPuzzle from the App Store, rate it and send us your feedback!

Thank you very much – Your WordPuzzle team
Taku, Nao, Kira, Yuki & Michael

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