Wordpuzzle iOS version reaches 1000 downloads – in just a few days

In just a few days, Wordpuzzle iPhone version has reached 1,000 downloads – that’s twice as fast as its Android sister. And those downloads were generated without marketing!


What’s the reason for the better performance of Wordpuzzle’s iOS version? For the moment, we assume that changes within the app itself make Wordpuzzle more fun and especially easier for beginners: in the Android version, all tiles that are not related to building the four words come with a letter. In the iOS version they’re empty. This feature alone improves the overall usability of Wordpuzzle.

In the near future, we’ll spend some money on app marketing. Although most agencies are telling us that we should not start any marketing in the games category with less than EUR 10,000 (which we don’t have), we will give it a try with a tiny fraction of this budget…

And – hey: please send us your feedback – we want to continuously improve Wordpuzzle – and therefore we need your help!

Thank you so much!

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