WordPuzzle – Launch of English version in Google Play

Yay! We’ve done it! Today we’ve launched the English version of WordPuzzle in Google Play! WordPuzzle comes as a Free Version with 15 levels and as a Pro Version with 36 more heavyweight levels.

WordPuzzle Google Play

Being a word-based puzzle game different language versions mean essentially two different apps – since you don’t just localize the app but you have to create different contents. When you download WordPuzzle Free and WordPuzzle Pro Version from Google Play you will experience an English or German version – depending on the language settings on your Android device. So if you are a guy from Santa Cruz, California, you might improve your German language skills by downloading WordPuzzle and switching from English to German in your settings.

We’ve launched the German Version 4 weeks ago and are thrilled by our user’s feedback! We hope that you like WordPuzzle, too, and we are more than happy to get your feedback. By the way: until today, no German user ever has finished the Pro Version! Will you?

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